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Plug WhatsApp into your WooCommerce online store beautifully!
Abandoned Cart Messages

Send messages to recover abandoned carts on WhatsApp.

Send Timely Updates

Send order updates, delivery and tracking notifications on WhatsApp.

24/7 Sales and Support

Enable 24/7 sales and support with WhatsApp chatbots and Team Inbox.

Template Messages

Get customizable ecommerce messages with templates pre-approved by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat Button

Add a WhatsApp Chat button to make it a preferred channel of your WooCommerce store.

Personalized Marketing

Send bulk WhatsApp notifications and broadcast personalized marketing campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

It connects your WooCommerce store with Dizyhub's WhatsApp Business API for improved customer service.

create a dizyhub account get link your whatsapp and attach your tokan key and tokaneez.

Dizyhub WhatsApp Business API streamlines the process of sending cart abandonment reminders, prompting customers to finalize their orders. These reminders can incorporate hyperlinks or interactive buttons for convenient access to the purchase page, along with the possibility of featuring exclusive deals or savings.

Abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, shipment updates, and Send marketing messages what you want to say.

This feature sends WhatsApp alerts to verify or cancel Cash on Delivery orders, offering fraud prevention measures.

WhatsApp bulk broadcasting can save time and streamline communication within the education industry, enhancing engagement and improving the overall learning experience. However, it's important to ensure that you comply with privacy regulations and obtain proper consent when using WhatsApp for educational communications.